Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"One Day" About Catholic New Media...

I don't know whether you saw this or not, but today is the day! Happy Catholic New Media Day!

Today is the day we're supposed to get the word out about Catholic New Media... sooo-- do your part!

The request was that, as a part of Catholic New Media Day, we post our favorite three blogs.

Here are the three that I check every day, and always have good things on them (though, I must confess it's hard to choose three):

Fr. Z's blog is a mixture of things, but usually the posts revolve around the renewal of the Liturgy. The title of the blog comes from his regular contribution to the newspaper, "The Wanderer," where he takes a prayer for an upcoming Mass and gives a history of its use, as well as a "slavishly literal" translation of the Latin, then comparing that to the "lame-duck" ICEL translation.

The Archbold brothers write this blog together. Let me tell you, I laugh so hard when I read this blog. Sometimes I nearly spew my coffee, too. They are a good read for the latest in Catholic culture, and life. Sometimes they push the envelope on what my own Catholic senses tell me is "acceptable"-- but I think that serves me as a reminder of what it is to be "real" and Catholic at the same time. If I had enough guts, I'd write like that, myself.

Fr. Tim Finigan, parish priest in Black Fen, outside of London, is the blogger here. I met Fr. Tim when I worked at the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham, England. He is a very holy priest, and gives a phenomenal take on the issues of the day from the perspective of a parish priest. Very often, his posts revolve around what is happening in parish life-- what a beautiful witness to the lived traditions of our Faith! His blog title comes from Pope Benedict XVI's now-famous address to the Roman Curia on the occasion of his first Christmas as Pope. (found here). He has been blogging for quite a long time now, and probably one of the forerunners of Catholics using New Media in the UK. Now that I'm not living there anymore, it's also very nice to get caught up on the latest on the Church there.

Finally, I'd be remiss without mentioning two sites that scour the Interweb for the latest in Catholic blogging:
http://thepulp.it, which is re-syndicated on NCRegister, and also
If you ever don't know where to begin with reading blogs, check these two out!

Right, well, there's my contribution for the day-- though I am new to blogging, I am trying to make my posts substantial; I do hope that you appreciate reading my thoughts on the various things I have written about!  Oh that I could be half the writer of any of the aforementioned bloggers! If you aren't aware of them, please visit their sites.

Stay tuned for some other things over the next few days-- I have one or two posts in the works!

God bless you, and... beware the Ides of March.

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