Support our Family Living in Austria

In the autumn of 2011, our family will be moving to Trumau, Austria, where I will be continuing my studies at the International Theological Institute. I will be pursuing their Sacrae Theologiae Magister (STM) degree, which is a 5-year Master's degree in Sacred Theology, the canonical equivalent of a Pontifical STB.

The Institute views this call to continued formation as a specific type of mission, and encourages us to fundraise as a means of supporting our endeavor. During this period of my studies, neither of us will be able to work full-time, so we'll be coming up with creative means of earning income. Hopefully through this blog, we'll be able to do just that.

Simply by following these links and purchasing things you would buy normally, you can help us out! You can also donate to us via PayPal, if you would like.

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Thanks so much, and God bless you!