Saturday, July 13, 2013

Updates to the blog, reminders


Well, I have done some overdue "essential maintenance" to the blog... Our mystic monk banner mysteriously disappeared awhile back, and now is back and better than ever!

Also, please do remember to click through to order some most excellent coffee! We receive a small commission every time you order, and every little bit helps.

While on the subject-- remember to use our Amazon links, as well!

I have updated the Amazon widget to reveal a sort of book needs/wants list. These are from my own wishlist, which can be found here, and if you are feeling so generous, I can always use the books that are on this list for my studies!

One of the areas I have found myself intensely interested in is the theology before-during-and after the Council, or, to phrase it in a question, "how did we get here?" A lot of the debate in this period is centered around some of the implications of using modern philosophy to speak about theological realities. Since the ITI does not spend a lot of time on the "new theology," rather, on the perennial tradition of the Church, I am doing a lot of independent study on the subject.

We are in Minnesota right now, and I am preparing to give a talk in a few weeks on Parents as the Primary Educators; really, a talk on the relation between the civil powers, the powers of the Church, and the role of the family in both. It should be a fun evening!

Now, back to Latin...

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  1. Hello! I'd love to get in touch with Anna by email. This is Genevieve, a household sister of hers from Steubenville. My husband is thinking about going for his STL at the ITI, and I just discovered that you guys are still there - so exciting! :) My email is genevievep7 [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!