Monday, June 20, 2011

Some New Additions...

Take a look at the Blogroll-- I have added some new blogs!

I noticed that I don't really have any women blogs, and it's not because I don't like what women writers write about, in fact, a wise man pays attention to the unique perspective a woman brings to things... so, in that spirit, here are a few blogs by women!

First, Introducing Eloquent Defenders. This is a pro-life blog, but I think with a bit of a different take on things than many of the other pro-life blogs out there-- she has some good stuff, check it out!

Second, The Anchoress. I have just recently started perusing her stuff, but it all seems on the up and up, and, actually, it's a rather refreshing take on some of the Catholic news that gets churned out everywhere.

Finally, the NFP Blog. Run by a fellow transplant to Wyoming, its an insight into what's going on in the world of NFP. Since my wife and I are becoming trainers, it seems like a good thing to follow. Also, there are some good resources to be had there!

(Insert evil laugh here)... I couldn't really get away with simply posting about blogs by women without some sort of gender equalization. For you men out there, here's a blog I check out regularly:

The Art of Manliness. Full of sage wisdom and advice that every man should know. Really.

Working on some other things... check back soon!


  1. Thanks, Chris. I appreciate the encouragement! :)


  2. Hey, Chris, thanks for the link and recommendation! It's a lonely apostolic world out here in Wyoming, but having the internet sure does help, doesn't it? :) Keep up the good work!