Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A blogging milestone


I thought I would write in celebration of my first milestone as a blogger-- just over 1000 visitors since I began the blog!

I must say, blogging is a lot more difficult than one would imagine! It has been difficult to balance my family life, my job, and everything else, and still find time to blog! I hope that, as I write more, it becomes easier, as well-- I don't know how people like Fr. Z crank out the volume they do!

An ulterior motive for blogging has been to keep my brain active while I am not working on my degree, and also, to work on being able to take more complex ideas and boil them down to a reasonable word-count. I hope that, so far, it has been as enriching for you as the reader as it has been for me as the writer to reflect upon these topics.

Anyway, I hope that you continue reading, and thank you so much for visiting! Feel free to pass the link along to a friend!

Be assured of my prayers for you today,


1 comment:

  1. Hello. I'd have to agree that blogging has its challenges and takes more time then I first thought. God Bless!